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Our customer portoflio has grown largely by word of mouth. We are truly grateful to all our loyal supporters, but we would also like to reward them with Referral Commission. We believe that by combining world-class service with awesome technology, our customers will be raving fans and we all know what raving fans do! They tell other people.

DNA pays 10% of recurring outsourcing revenue for year 1 and 5% of revenue for year 2. By referring a business with approximately 200 employees, you should earn referral commission in the region of R36,000 over a 2 year period!!!

That’s a lot of money for merely connecting us with antoher business. Refer to the attached Scheme for more details
  • DNA pays a commission of 10% of Outsourcing Revenue for the first 12 months and 5% for the second 12 months. In other words, if the monthly outsourcing revenue is R20,000, you will receive R2,000 per month for the first 12 months = R24,000 and R1 000 per month for the second 12 months = R12 000. Over a 2-year period you will earn an additional R36,000.
  • In return, we require the identification of the opportunity and an introductory meeting with the prospective customer. Should the opportunity not materialise within 12 months after this introduction, no referral commission will be paid.
  • Referral commission will be paid 6 monthly in arrears. Commission will be paid when the customer has paid their accounts in full for the 6 months period.

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