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Employer of Record (EOR)

We offer Employer of Record services for the Republic of South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, UAE and Singapore.

  1. What is EOR?
    EOR is where a company legally employs people on behalf of a global business. The EOR is therefore legally obligated to comply to all company, tax, labour, HR and other statutory regulations specific to the country in which the EOR is registered.

  2. Why use EOR?
    Global businesses use EOR for the following reasons:
    - Where instant deployment of resources is required
    - Entering new markets. To test a new market before making a long-term bet and setting up a legal entity
    - To manage legal and compliance risk
    - Where a global business expects to be in a market for a limited time

  3. What’s EOR services do we offer?
    - Hiring and Recruitment
    - Salary Benchmarking
    - On-boarding
    - Payroll and payments
    - Tax returns
    - Employee Benefits
    - Terminations

  4. Cloud platform for
    - Performance Management
    - Leave Applications
    - Expense Claims
    - Asset Registers