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Outsourcing of the Total Payroll Function (TPF)

In addition to traditional Payroll Outsourcing, businesses can now outsource their Total Payroll Function to DNA

When businesses outsource their payrolls they sometimes ask “Why do we still need in-house payroll resources to collect input from our people and attend to payroll queries. Was that not the whole point of outsourcing our payroll?”. In response to this we now provide a Total Payroll Function whereby “all matters payroll” are outsourced to DNA.

Additional services include:

  1. Collecting and collating payroll input from all stakeholders,
  2. Liaising with senior management with regards to payroll decisions,
  3. Attending to payroll queries from staff,
  4. Liaising with medical aids, pension, provident funds etc,
  5. Liaising with all Statutory bodies e.g. SARS, UIF, COIDA,
  6. Liaising with Finance in respect of payroll related reconciliations,
  7. Advising on best practise with regards to payroll processes,
  8. Advising on optimal structuring of Employee Benefits,

TPF Outsourcing provides businesses an affordable way to completely outsource payroll whilst not having to employ any full-time employees. It has proved to be a very cost-effective way of accessing professional payroll skills at a fraction of the cost of an “in-house Payroll Department”.