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Why DNA Outsourcing?


1. The skill and experience of our team

We only appoint experienced payroll outsourcing professionals. Our team’s experience ranges between 9 years and 32 years’ experience per person. Although it comes at a cost, it enables us to get things right the first time. If we ever appoint interns or more junior people in future, we will have ample internal expertise to coach and guide them.

Outsourcing your payroll to DNA gives your business access to a much wider range of knowledge, experience and expertise from professionals who have spent years dedicated to payroll. Additionally, the staff who will be running your outsourced payroll are regularly trained and updated on the latest legislative changes, ensuring that the people running your payroll are experts in their field.


2. Service Excellence

Providing a service is at the heart of what we do. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our service by listening to our customers. We aim not to satisfy, but to delight our customers and exceed their expectations.


3. Legislative Compliance

It is challenging to always be an expert in the complicated realm of government tax and compliance regulations. Even a single mistake can leave your business open to audits and costly penalties. Because regulations change constantly, often many times throughout the year, it's difficult to stay on top of these changes when your organisation’s focus is to run and grow your business.

At DNA we understand payroll and all that comes with it, it is our business to keep up with the rules, regulations, and changes in tax laws and compliance. We guarantee accuracy and compliance.


4. Competitive Pricing

We offer very competitive pricing thanks to the efficiencies we achieve with our highly experienced team, as well as the cloud technology platform. We offer affordable Rand based pricing for all countries in Africa & UAE - One price per payslip regardless of country.

We have an ambitious growth strategy. We are therefore willing to take customers on at a lower price and retain them for the long-term, with world-class service and personal attention.


5. Cloud Technology

Our cloud technology platform empowers payroll outsourcing customers by giving them direct access to live payroll data. The platform also gives customers access to powerful HR functionality at no additional cost.

The cloud nature of our technology enables us to implement our system at a very low cost, very quickly. We have rolled out payrolls in countries like Senegal, Cameroon, Mali, Kenya. Tanzania, Madagascar, Zambia, Mauritius, Uganda, Namibia and Botswana, without setting a foot out of our SA offices.


6. DNA services 40 countries across Africa and the UAE

DNA is the perfect payroll outsourcing service provider for multi-national businesses. We have a proven track-record of providing payroll outsourcing services to large multi-national companies across Africa and the UAE.

We use an advisory network to ensure the correct interpretation and application of local statutory requirements. We offer support in French for West African countries and our support hours are extended to accommodate West African and East African time zones.


7. End-to-end payroll outsourcing services

We provide a complete payroll outsourcing service – since payroll outsourcing is our only focus we can say “yes” to more. Our services include:

  • Compliance advice.
  • Submission of returns.
  • Facilitating payments.
  • Expat payrolls and much more.


8. The size of our team

DNA was founded by 4 friends in April 2018 and has since grown into a dream team of 18 dedicated payroll experts. Your business will therefore never be only reliant on one person. Through the size of our team we can safely guarantee uninterrupted service. It also enables us to split the responsibility of processing and reviewing the payroll between 2 or more people – a very sound governance principle for payroll outsourcing.


9. Focus on Payroll Outsourcing

We focus only on Payroll Outsourcing. It’s not our core business – it’s our only business. Our clear focus enables us to be experts in our field and enables us to offer the best possible service and advice. Payroll is a mission critical function and deserves our undivided attention.


10. Customer References

What our customers think of us, is the only thing that matters. We will gladly provide you with customer references before you make your decision to go with DNA.

DNA focuses on providing end-to-end
Payroll Outsourcing services – it is the
only thing we do.

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