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Additional Features

Free of Charge

You automatically get access to the following, at NO additional cost:

  1. Automated on-boarding and exit notifications,
  2. Consolidated cost reports over multiple countries in one group currency,
  3. Automated Notes & Reminders e.g. birthday reminders,
  4. Free format workflow – any internal process can be workflowed to enable a paperless environment,
  5. Assets register,
  6. Company policies access by employees on ESS,
  7. Document attachments like ID copies, Letter of appointment, Increase letters etc,
  8. Digital employee files = paperless environment e.g. employment contracts, ID copies, criminal reference checks etc,
  9. Intranet – public profile per employee, company policies, newsletters and more,
  10. Incident Management System – Grievances, Disciplinaries, Arbitration, Counselling.

Cost per Module

  1. Live Org Chart that feeds directly from payroll
  2. Performance Management
  3. Business Intelligence module driven by PowerBI
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