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Servicing Global Businesses in Africa

Our ability to services global businesses with offices in multiple African countries is our key differentiator. This is our “sweet spot” and we thrive in this space because of the following reasons:

  1. Our tech platform is compliant with statutory regulations in 43 of Africa’s 54 countries as well as the UAE and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). We have the ability to implement regulations for those countries where we are not yet compliant. So we truly have Africa covered.

  2. Weekly Updates of changes in statutory regulations keep our customers’ payrolls 100% compliant.

  3. Experienced Account Managers who have dealt extensively with payrolls in Africa. We can advise our customers on the practical application of statutory regulations in Africa.

  4. Our Cloud-based platform
    enables rapid deployment throughout the vast region of Africa with no need for travel and on-premise installations.

  5. Our Experienced Project Management team
    knows how to manage multi-layered projects with multiple contacts and reports in global organizations.