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Payroll Outsourcing Prices US Dollars

Payroll Outsourcing Prices

We have built a Fee Calculator based on your number of employees, per pay frequency. Please note that the calculator assumes that all employees belong to the same payroll company i.e. the same Income Tax number.

Should you have employees in multiple payroll companies, you need to request a fee estimate per company. The fee estimate also excludes a once-off implementation fee, which includes take-on of employee detail, leave balances and financial data.

1. Payroll Outsourcing Cost - Pay As You Go

Our cloud technology platform allows DNA to charge a fee per payslip per pay period – monthly, weekly or bi-weekly. This fee per payslip is influenced by the size of the payroll. The more payslips you have the smaller the fee per payslip, i.e. a volumes-based discount applies.

You only pay for the number of payslip we process. If your workforce declines you pay less, if it grows you pay more. This “Pay As You Go” principle is especially useful for businesses with seasonal workforces or any business whose workforce fluctuates regularly.

The complexity of the payroll could also influence the price per payslip.

Separate runs are charged at the same rate per payslip as normal runs.

2. Minimum Fee

DNA charges a minimum fee of $200 per month for payroll outsourcing services, regardless of size of the payroll. This fee covers the first 15 employees, and a fee per payslip (as per point 1 above) is charged for additional payslips above 15 employees.

3. Implementation Cost

A once-off implementation fee is charged to convert your business to our technology platform. This includes the technical payroll parameter set-up and design, year-to-date take-on from your current payroll and parallel run. Refer to the “Process page” for more information on the implementation process. The Implementation Cost is normally equal to one month’s outsourcing fee, but this could vary depending on the complexity of the payroll. DNA quotes a fixed implementation fee and therefore takes the risk of any over-runs.

4. Additional Employees

DNA charges a fixed fee for adding a new employee. This is roughly equal to the monthly payslip fee.

5. No Annual Licence Fees and Software Licences

The fee per payslip includes All licence fees. There are no other hidden costs for software licences or renewals.

Our technology platform gives you access to amongst others:

  • Automated back-ups and updates
  • Employee self-service, mobility and workflow
  • Mock payslip & gross-up functionality
  • Employment equity planning & reporting
  • Training & skills management
  • Advanced position management, with skills gap analysis
  • Asset register
  • Disciplinary & incident management
  • Automated on-boarding and off-boarding notifications
  • Email and sms reminders to staff

6. Additional Modules

System modules that have an additional cost are:

  • Performance Management
  • Org Charts and
  • Cloud Analytics - Business Intelligence Tool

7. African Payrolls outside of South Africa

DNA offers payroll outsourcing services in 40 African countries in US Dollar-based pricing. US-dollar pricing is for businesses who don’t have a presence in South Africa. The same US-dollar pricing applies to all African countries where payroll outsourcing services are rendered. Withholding taxes are added to the cost and must be claimed by the customer.

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