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Payroll Outsourcing

Whats included?

Employee Self-service

Mobile payslips, tax certificates, claims, leave and more

Segregation of duties

With an account administrator processing & an account manager reviewing

All Statutory Reporting

Business Reporting

Monthly variance reports

Tied back to input processed.

Monthly Tax Submissions

Monthly Submission of returns to tax authorities (EMP201).

Mid-year submissions

Mid-year submissions (EMP 501).

Year-end submissions

Year-end submissions (EMP 501).

Net pay & 3rd Party

Net pay and 3rd Party payment files

Netcash Payments

Netcash Payments with dual release function

Monthly Reconciliationss

Medical Aid, Pension and Provident Fund monthly reconciliations.

General Ledger Interface

UIF declarations

UIF declaration file sent to the department.

UI 23, UI 19, UI 27


BCEA5 if required upon termination of an employee.

Employment Equity Reports


Bargaining council reports

Garnishee orders

OID Reporting

Skills Reports

Letters of Good Standing

Applications for Letters of Good Standing COIDA

ETI (Employee Tax Incentive)

Statistics SA

Application for Tax Directives