Cloud Payroll Outsourcing Knows No Boundaries

Payroll Outsourcing service providers who use cloud technology have the ability to service businesses in multiple locations, countries and jurisdictions. This is mainly because of two reasons:

  •  Cloud technology is accessible from anywhere provided you have internet connectivity,
  • Cloud payroll technology stacks often provide localisation for multiple countries and in local currencies, thus ensuring statutory compliance.

Although traditional desktop payrolls can theoretically do the same, it is much more cumbersome and costly, and takes much longer to keep systems up to date with statutory changes.

During our first two years in business, DNA has implemented payrolls in 28 countries throughout Africa and the Middle East, without setting foot outside of South Africa. It almost goes without saying that we are also able to offer payroll outsourcing services to businesses anywhere in South Africa from our offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

As cloud adoption grows, it will become the norm to use only Cloud-based services. Before you decide which payroll outsource service provider to use, first make a decision about the underlying technology. If you decide to future proof your business by using cloud, it narrows down the payroll outsourcing service provider you can choose from. Other benefits of selecting a payroll outsourcing service provider that offers true cloud technology are:

  • Improved security – insist on ISO27001 certification which is the benchmark for data security in the cloud,
  • Direct access to live payroll data. Businesses who use payroll bureau’s with desktop technology, are 100% dependant and reliant on the bureau for any reports or data. Cloud-based Payroll outsourcing service providers offer customers direct access to live payroll data. This eliminates the dependency of the customer on the payroll outsourcing service provider for reports and data.

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