Payroll Outsourcing for NGO’s

and not-for-profit organisations

Many Billions of dollars are donated to social, community and infrastructure projects on the African continent every year. The organizations who donate money are normally NGO’s and “not-for-profit organisations” based in Europe and North America. These projects are often endorsed by global institutions like the UN and the Red Cross.

Money earmarked for these types of projects have unfortunately been stolen or misappropriated in many instances in the past. One of the main areas of misappropriation is payroll fraud. Payroll fraud is committed in various ways:

Ghost Employees

Inflated Salaries or Hours

Excessive Incentives

We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by NGO’s in the region and are devoted to providing tailored solutions to meet NGO’s specific needs.

DNA has launched a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative whereby we provide Payroll Outsourcing services to these projects at substantially discounted rates. We provide payroll outsourcing services for most of the countries on the African continent via our Cloud technology platform. The Cloud platform also gives real-time visibility of labour and payroll costs to the NGO’s and helps them to pro-actively manage and prevent payroll fraud.

Strategic Focus Areas include:

Risk Management:

Our Internal Controls Framework ensures payroll risk is managed effectively and payroll data is accurate, complete and secure. DNA’s payroll controls are designed to protect against potential fraud and errors giving NGO’s absolute peace of mind. Controls comprise segregation of duties, variance analysis, analytical reviews, client reviews and more.


NGO’s can view their payroll data on-line in USD or Euro, which makes it easier for them to understand the payroll costs in terms of headcount and budget for staff costs in a familiar currency.

It Security And Data Privacy:

DNA’s tech platform is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

Legislative Compliance:

Our tech platform complies with tax and statutory regulations in 43 Africa tax countries.


On application level, DNA has multi-currency capability, enabling us to provide payroll services to NGOs operating in different African countries. This is particularly useful for multinational NGOs that operate across borders and require consolidation of reports in a single currency.


ESS payslips can be accessed by employees through the online portal from any mobile device (only internet connectivity is required), making it easy for employees to view and download their payslips and tax certificates from anywhere. The ESS portal is available in English, French and Portuguese.



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