COVID -19: How Can You Use Technology To Re-Open Your Business?

We recently re-opened our business to certain staff members and therefore had to ensure we adhere to certain requirements. Covid-19 regulations require that these people confirm that they have read our COVID-19 Workplace Policy. Employees also have to complete Table 1 of the COVID-19 workplace policy. Table 1 asks certain health related questions of the employee.

We used our Cloud Technology platform to do this via the Employee Self-Service portal, without having to physically engage with any of our colleagues. All responses feed into a pre-configured workflow process to inform the appropriate people (HR) that these actions have been completed.

It also serves as a record that COVID-19 regulations have been complied with. It is critical that employers can prove that they have complied with the COVID-19 regulations. Government inspectors are going around to check whether employers comply to COVID-19 workplace regulations. Businesses who don’t comply can be closed again – this is the last thing anyone can afford right now! 

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