Payspace Has Been Selected As The Preferred Cloud Service Provider

Management software solutions, announced that it has been selected as the preferred cloud service provider to former Sage Managing Director for Africa and the Middle East, Anton Van Heerden’s company, DNA HR and Payroll.

“Anton is an industry specialist and leader with over 25 years’ experience. He has also built the largest payroll and HR software company in Africa, so we are honoured to be the preferred technology platform provider for DNA”, says Bruce van Wyk, director of PaySpace.

DNA offers full turnkey HR & Payroll Outsourcing Cloud Solutions.

Speaking of the partnership and what attracted DNA to PaySpace, Anton van Heerden comments: “They basically achieved what I knew needed to be the future of payroll software. The system ticks all the right boxes around efficiency, security, ease of use and has some amazing differentiating features.

“Software in the cloud has been spoken about for many years and while traditional players both locally and globally are still figuring out how to transition to the cloud, the team from PaySpace have successfully developed a true cloud solution from scratch – so it’s entirely architected for cloud consumption.”

When it comes to addressing cloud, there are many definitions. Simply put, true cloud software does not rely on installing and maintaining software at your own offices. It’s a single instance multi-tenant database architecture, so all customers access the same software application in the exact same way as you would your internet banking.

Besides access to information from anywhere in the world and on any device – the legislation is applied to the single set of source code. All clients are going though the exact same front end and calculation engine which gives companies the benefit of more robust compliance across the board.

The confusion in the market comes in when legacy software is hosted in the cloud, so it may appear to be a cloud solution that can be accessed via the web, but in reality, each client still has their own instance of the software, which requires the same maintenance and risks as having it onsite. The experience thus hasn’t changed, and the same risks still exist around keeping up to date on legislation and data security.

The cloud revolution is and will be everything in all software industries not just locally but globally and not just in the Payroll and HR industry. The entire world has and is moving to all software technology being cloud-based. We anticipate that cloud adoption will reach a tipping point within the next three years, which means that more business will be investing in cloud technology than desktop technology.

Van Wyk explained: “As a frontrunner since inception in the cloud space, we want to make sure that people are properly informed and educated on cloud solutions in the Payroll and HR industry. Once you understand true cloud, make sure you choose a cloud partner who can provide the right support, thus adding real value to your business,” “The PaySpace platform currently services 39 African Countries and is expanding their global footprint continuously which talks directly to our vision and new opportunities for DNA into the future” says Van Heerden.

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