The Payroll Outsourcing Paradox

We find that small and large businesses tend to outsource their payrolls at different times and for different reasons.

When business is flourishing, large businesses tend to appoint more people and do things themselves.  Small businesses however become so busy with their core activities that they prefer to outsource their payrolls, which is normally considered as “non-core”.

When business is under pressure, large businesses tend to cut headcount which in turn results in reverting to outsourced services e.g. payroll outsourcing.

Small businesses on the other hand try to conserve costs by doing as much as possible themselves.

Note that this is a general observation and that many other factors can play a role that could lead to different behavior.

Using cloud payroll technology makes it much easier, quicker and cheaper to switch between in-house payroll and payroll outsourcing.  You simply change the login details….

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