Global Company Restructuring: The deadly lesson in local service delivery

In the world of business, partnering with a global company often feels like a surefire way to ensure stability and reliability. After all, what could be more reassuring than a multinational corporation with a sterling track record?

Over the past decade, the landscape of South Africa’s business scene has witnessed a transformation marked by the restructuring efforts of multinational corporations. Unfortunately, these restructuring endeavours have frequently culminated in substantial retrenchments. The fallout from these layoffs has had a direct and decidedly negative influence on local service delivery, as well as the morale of those fortunate enough to avoid the chopping block.

So, just how secure is your local business or South African operation when it contracts with a multinational corporation? It appears that the safety net may not be as robust as previously believed.

The local business scene, often overshadowed by global giants, should not be underestimated. Embracing a local approach offers a multitude of advantages that go beyond the allure of a recognisable global brand. To name but a few:

Cost Savings: Local companies tend to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively due to their familiarity with the local market. This translates into competitive pricing for their services and pricing in local currency.

Local Knowledge: Understanding the intricacies of South African culture, regulations, and consumer behaviour can be a significant asset. Local businesses have their fingers on the pulse of these aspects, offering insights that global entities may miss.

Better Response Times: Proximity matters. Local companies can respond swiftly to challenges and opportunities, ensuring that your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Enhanced Customer Experience: A deep-rooted understanding of local customs and preferences enables local businesses to provide a tailored and superior customer experience.

However, before entrusting your business to a local partner in South Africa, it’s essential to exercise due diligence. Here are some steps to ensure you make the right choice:

Check References: Investigate the track record and reputation of the local company. Speak with their customers to gauge their level of satisfaction.

Visit the Company’s Office: A physical presence can reveal a lot about a company’s operations, infrastructure, and professionalism.

View Their Financial Position: Assess the financial stability of the potential partner. A healthy financial outlook is crucial for the long-term success of your collaboration.

Lastly have an SLA in Place: Clearly define the terms of your partnership through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This document should outline expectations, responsibilities, and performance metrics.

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